September Diamond Trends: Female Consumers Overtake Males and New Technologies Drive the Future

From Abe Mor Diamonds, Diamond District keeps diamond traders in tune with our rapidly shifting industry.

This Month’s Top Stories

Signet’s acquisition of R2Net, parent of, won’t significantly impact revenue. But its digital savvy, including its video technologies and 360-degree videos, could benefit the Goliath profoundly as it looks to emerging consumers. (Bloomberg)

We could all benefit from the massive marketing budget of De Beers, which will spend more on advertising in 2017 than it has since its monopoly was disassembled in 2008. The $140 million spend is likely to increase overall consumer demand. (Bloomberg)

Speculation continues to grow around the impact of man-made diamonds on natural stones. But one industry expert remains confident that “the distinct value and exclusivity of natural diamonds will shine through in the long run.” (Forbes)

An Israeli diamond exchange has partnered with a startup to create a new digital currency backed by its diamonds, which could bring new investors into the industry. (Ynetnews)

Blockchain is creeping into industries across the spectrum, and the diamond industry is no exception. Suppliers are using the technology to track and verify a diamond’s journey from the mine to the finger. (Forbes)

Women are buying more diamonds for themselves—and they’re en route to purchasing more diamonds than men for the first time. (Daily Mail)

We often consider our counterparts across the industry to be our foremost competitors, but increasingly, other luxury categories are diverting consumers from the diamond market. In China, luxury travel poses a particularly severe threat. (Bloomberg)

If the Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair is any indication—and we can safely say it is—demand and prices for diamonds will remain stable for at least a few months. (

Oh! And we should mention: Uranus rains giant diamonds. (Geek)