October Diamond Trends: Sluggish Sales and the Rise of the Single Buyer

From Abe Mor Diamonds, Diamond District keeps diamond traders in tune with our rapidly shifting industry.

This Month’s Top Stories

Should you find yourself in New York this weekend, you can’t miss the exhibition at Cartier on Fifth Avenue. You’ll explore the company’s history, including the spectacular restoration of its flagship building, and witness masterful jewelry from Cartier craftsmen. (Condé Nast Traveler)

As new technologies streamline diamond exchanges and enhance transparency, a market is emerging for diamonds as investments. In Singapore, stones can be stored in a credit card-sized device with a chip for instant authentication. (Herald Finance)

Banks are fleeing the diamond industry, with outstanding loans down nearly 20% over the last four years. Now, a London-based startup is filling the lending gap. (Bloomberg)

Single women are buying diamonds at a rapidly growing rate, and major industry stakeholders, including The Diamond Producer’s Association and De Beers, are shifting their marketing strategies accordingly. (Forbes)

Rough sales for De Beers are down 25% this month compared to last October, and 6% for the year. The Indian New Year fell earlier, but the sluggish performance likely reflects falling demand. (MINING.com)