November Diamond Trends: Little Guys Look Up and a Royal Ring Drives Demand

From Abe Mor Diamonds, Diamond District keeps diamond traders in tune with our rapidly shifting industry.

This Month’s Top Stories

The forecast brightens for mom-and-pops: Small retailers grew 50% faster than their giant counterparts in 2017. Amid evolving consumer preferences, they’re able to provide unique, personalized experiences and maintain a nimble strategy. (Bloomberg)

And the good news continues for the little guys: Despite promising predictions for jewelry sales this season, stock value plummeted 30% this month for Signet, which counts Kay, Jared and Zales among its retail brands. Along with declining mall traffic, the company’s 3,600 stores are feeling the heat from smaller retailers. (CNN Money)

For years, discussions have rumbled around the industry about a platform for trading diamonds seamlessly and transparently. Thanks to a new partnership that leverages blockchain technology, we’re one step closer. (Business Wire)

Absent an economically viable diamond source in the past 20 years, Bain predicts a yearly reduction of 2% in rough volume over the next decade. If that holds true, we can expect an approximate 20% reduction in rough from the ground by 2030. In response, De Beers is increasing its mining undersea. (Quartz)

Expect a boost in demand for cushion shapes. The latest royal engagement ring is a cushion cut in yellow gold flanked by two diamonds, with an estimated weight of 2.5 to 5 carats. (Money)