August Diamond Trends: Distribution Channels Shorten as the Millennial Segment Grows

Diamond District keeps diamond traders in tune with our rapidly shifting industry.

This Month’s Top Stories

Millennials make up a growing segment of diamond consumers, and they’re about ten years from their peak spending years. So, how do we win their patronage? Repurposed is cool, so offer vintage and used jewelry. They want more for less, so focus on value. And the 4C model is convoluted, so simplify your message. (Forbes)

Sure, it comes from De Beers and may be overly optimistic, but the 2016 Diamond Industry Outlook is an essential read. From emerging competition to shifting consumer preferences, it holds invaluable insights for any industry stakeholder. (De Beers Group)

Diamond distribution channels continue to shorten. Mining companies, including De Beers and Russian State-owned Alrosa, the world’s largest miner by carat, are auctioning polished diamonds—often online. A selection of those diamonds were cut from a spectacular 179-carat rough that yielded a 51-carat D Vvs1, among other striking stones. (CNBC)

Consumers prefer the specialization and personal service of smaller retailers. Consequently, national big-box stores are facing a “retail apocalypse.” (New York Post)

Among other industry predictions for the remainder of 2017, expensive rough and a slower diamond market will lower polish prices. (